So ... off to a slow start. Unfortunately lots of last minute holiday craziness going on, plus work ... Ahhh Work. Work has been crazy too, which is usually the case until the last 2 weeks of the year, then it will be a bit slow. I'll have some more available time then.

I have had a chance to put some rough ideas of what I want to do with the blog  ... here's a rough outline

  • Winter Bike Maintenance, covering both regular off season maintenance and winter riding.
  • Staying fit - I *HATE* the gym, but I don't want to get soft and have to start all over again in the spring.
  • Bike Fitting ... 
  • Training for a big ride (maybe not for some of you). My goal for this year is to do out local version of the MS Ride  "Pedal to the Point"
Thats all I have for now ... hope to see you again soon

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