I've done a bit of searching to see what an average rider might ride in a years time as a point of comparison before I really set a goal for this year, I've run across a few interesting stories. I'm clearly no Freddie Hoffman, its been a cold first week of the year here and I Haven't been out once yet, the liked article (a couple of years old now) states that Freddie "... is down to 35,000 to 38,000 miles per year" .. that's 100 miles or more per day, every day, pretty impressive. Then there is Tommy Godwin, who in 1939 rode over 75,000 miles, more than 200 miles per day.

There will always be folks hat ride more than me, that is for sure, but after take a look at what other folks are discussing for mileage in some bike forums and ding a review of my planned work commute that I'll be starting when there is more sunlight, I think I'm going to shoot for 3000 miles in 2013.

Now I really need your good wishes

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