OK .. that sounds like a deep title for a post, but this is not going to be a deep post .. sorry to disappoint.
Clearly the new app did not lead to more frequent posts. The thing is life has happened, work, family, house, you all get it (actually, I don't think anyone is really reading these posts)

I have been productive with stuff not involving cycling or this blog though, a few large spring projects are well on their way and a big family vacation is being planned.

I also took the old Kodiak in for its first real tune up (real meaning I paid someone else to do it)  in its life. The old timer really needed some TLC after a wet winter riding season. A new chain, new cables, and lots of cleaning and adjusting, man, the bike rides like it was new, that was money well spent. It felt expensive when I took it in for the estimate but that feeling left me after the first ride.

That's all I have for now .. I really do hope to post more as the home project / vacation rush starts to wind down some.
7/15/2013 08:22:29

Hello fellow weeblian, I randomly found your site and thought I'd leave a few words of encouragement. I found your simple blog very refreshing and somewhat comforting as I can totally relate to the love of cycling and losing it after getting your license.

I would love to hear more about your cycling adventures! You should consider taking pictures or writing about experiences you have when on the road. I bet you could share a lot of beauty and wisdom with the world if you put a little more thought and time into your posts!

I look forward to hearing more!

7/16/2013 20:07:26

Thanks for the words of encouragement Marcus.
I've been posting recently over on another blog (www.thirstywheels.com). It's a bit more reflective of my life in its entirety, not just cycling. I'm certain at some point soon I'll merge the two. Summer is a difficult time for me to be sitting inside on the computer, so I'm less active blogging, but I do have a few things I plan on writing about when the time is right.

See you soon.

11/16/2015 19:57:56

Thank's for such helpful review! I'm going to start blogging, that's why I'm looking for such life hacks. You're amazing writer, keep up working!


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