So .. I'm a bit behind on my posts, I've been enjoying the holiday season a bit too much I guess. I've been thinking of some ideas for blog posts and was considering posing about my new fenders and the install. Ultimately I decided to skip writing about that, I do want to do reviews of products that I buy and use, but I don't want that to be the only thing I post about, so I skipped it for now.
The great news, I received my fenders, installed them and have really enjoyed having them on my bike for the last few rides, why did I wait so long to have fenders on my bike, on any bike for that matter?

The really bad news ... My Bottom Bracket Dynamo died during the install. Actually, I'm pretty sure that this is only a wiring issue and that the dynamo itself still works as well as both of the lights, I might try to rebuild it this summer and give it another shot. 
I have been the butt of a few jokes that I still have this on my bike, but it still works (or did until a week ago). It was very reassuring to have this always on the bike and ready to provide light whenever and wherever I needed it, no batteries to deal with, nothing to remember, just flip the lever and boom .. Light.
Just to be clear, the Dynamo has been my backup light for the past few years, I have a Plant Bike Superflash on the back, and some other form of battery operated headlight for *Planned* night rides, the Dynamo was only there for unplanned night or extended rides. I decided to take it off for the winter and change to strictly battery operated lights for now, I ordered a better headlight, the Cygolight Expilion 350, I liked that it was self contained and rechargeable  I haven't ridden with it yet, but I't pretty bright compared to the no-name lights I've been using so I'm pretty excited to give it a shot.

Back to the Dynamo, and story ideas. I was really planning on writing a post titled "They can take my Bottom Bracket Dynamo When They Pry it from my Cold, Dead, Hands", but I guess that's on hold for now. I might still write it if it an be rebuilt and re installed, I might even look at updating it with LED's if I can find some. Frankly I'm surprised and impressed that it lasted so long considering where its been mounted for almost 27 years, and consider it a challenge to get it and keep it running. 

- QC

On the plus side, I got a nice ride in today .. just  short of an hour. I'll take any ride I can get in December after work as a good thing, it was dark when I got home though, I'm glad I still have my Bottom Bracket Dynamo on the bike with a couple of lights.

I'm sad to say I overdressed for the weather again, the Temperature here was in the low 40's (4 or 5 Celsius) and I was cold when getting on the bike, but very hot and sweating after the first hill ... Hooray for Zippers! I'm actually taking this as a good thing though, the weather here is only going to get colder, and I'm really going to try and ride through the season (I hate working out inside and remaining stationary).

Staying true to my frugality, everything in the Photo except for the gloves, was bought on sale off season, The Pearl Izumi Barrier Jacket from Amazon last spring, the Starter shirt and New Balance 1/4 zip from TJ Maxx (or Marshalls) over the summer and the no name fill zip from TJ Maxx. The Gloves were a gift from the lovely Mrs. QC last summer when I really started getting back into riding again (Thanks Honey!)
I also gave my new Frasier sunglasses from Bike Nashbar their inaugural run tonight (with the clear lenses installed)  .. they worked out great!

So ... Note to self ... 40's is not 4 layers.

** Also not pictured is my helmet, I always wear one **

I showed you my upper body fashion ... here is what is on the bottom.
Pearl Izumi Liner short
Pearl Izumi Thermal Tights
Pearl Izumi Fuel Shoes
and last but not least
Pearl Izumi Barrier MTB shoe covers (I love these things for colder riding the shoes have great ventilation for summer riding, but my feet were actually getting cold in the colder weather. Problem solved with the shoe covers).

I think I could probably use this setup on the bottom from weather starting at 50 degrees to maybe the 30s or even lower with some heavier socks .. I might throw in some knee warmers when it gets colder.
All of these were from Amazon and purchased at different times when I thought the price was decent.

You might be able to tell I'm a fan of Pearl Izumi, I'm not sure I'd call it brand loyalty, but it seems like I can always find something from PI on sale somewhere and I think they make pretty decent stuff.

That's it for now ... I have a set of fenders on the way to help with my goal of riding through the winter, I'm thinking of doing a video of the install. I'll also get to show off my ride, she'a old, but she still gets it do