OK .. I'm very clearly suffering from a bit of the winter blues ... no rides so far this week. I've also been playing around with my home automation stuff a bit this week trying out some new gear and working through some issues. Now that those issues are resolved and there is supposed to be some crazy unseasonably warm weather tomorrow, I'm looking forward to a nice ride (Seriously, 65 in January in Northern Ohio! WOW! I have to get out there tomorrow.)

I also started thinking about the work commutes and remembered something my daughter was giving me crap about last year. "You ride all the way to work without even a pump?!?!". Well look at me now ... 
I snagged a Topeak seat bag / tool kit combo and added in a Co2 inflator and a tube. I went back and forth a bit between Co2 and a pump, but ultimately decided that for a commute, I'd want to be done with the repairs as soon as possible and back on my way to work or home, the same reasoning applies to the addition of a tube. The kit comes with some self stick patches, they look crappy and useless in their packaging, but they are still there as a backup, hopefully I never need any of this stuff. All told I spent $65, I splurged a little on both the bag and the inflator. I liked that the bag was basically quick release detachable and the inflator had an actual valve on it for some better air control instead of all or nothing like most others on the display.

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